Mireille Brouwer was born in Heerlen, Netherlands in 1969. She studied sculpture at the Academie of Arts in Maastricht, Netherlands. Mireille Brouwer lives and works in Maastricht as well in New York. Her multimedia genre-bending sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations have a language of their own. Her art has been described as translucent landscapes. Close observation reveals formal decisions about color and compositions and a tempering of chaos with control. In a single work, Brouwer deploys a myriad of found objects that might include, cardboard, cane trolley, three-dimensional puzzle from the Sint Pieter in Rome, newspaper, bronze leg, styro-foam vacuum cleaner and recycled plastic. Bringing the vibrant urban products of daily consumer life to her work, she connects them with exaggerated use of foam, silicone and plaster, calibrating each form for maximum optical and spatial impact.
Brouwer's sculptures, drawings, paintings and installations affirm the primacy of playful directness, the blunt reality of things, mind and art amid a vortex of shifting polarities -abstraction/realism, humor/contemplation, remnants of consciousness/unconscious desire. Her work has been exhibited in Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, Netherlands; Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo, Netherlands. As well in galleries in Amsterdam, Koeln and New York.